Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Are you believing lies?

What has the world said about you?
You're not pretty enough? You're too skinny? You're too fat? You're not smart? You've failed too many times? You're not as athletic? You're not a good wife? Not a good mother?

What lie or lies do you carry around on those shoulders? What weighs down your heart?

What is it that is blocking you from reaching your goals, following your dreams, and being the very best version of yourself that you can possibly be?

Here's the thing ladies: satan lies. he will do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to keep you burdened, weighed down, lost, depressed, and feeling lonely. Are we believing the things the world has thrust upon us? Let's stop. You have control of how you act, how you feel. Remember that there is an absolute truth out there and that is that you are WORTHY. You are BEAUTIFUL. You are INTELLIGENT. You have STRENGTH.

Ladies, we are only given this one life: ONE! And as I was sadly reminded this week by a friend who lost a close family member, you never know how long this ONE life is. What are you doing with yours? Are you wearing around lies and letting them direct your choices? Or are you remembering that God created you in His perfect image and with a great purpose? You are no mistake dear sister!

Let's live in the truth. We are beautiful women who serve the ultimate Beauty; our Lord Jesus Christ. Cast your burdens, doubts, and rejections on Him. Live ladies! Live life to the fullest and live it for Him!

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