Friday, March 16, 2012

Daily Reminders

1. Most Important in Life- Jesus:

Make sure you're remembering who the most important person in your life is. It's Christ. Do your best to please Him and everyone else will fall into place!

2. Most Beautiful Attire- a Smile:

I think this is very true. A smile goes a long ways! It not only will make you feel good but others will feel good too. Joy is contagious! So spread some with that gorgeous face God blessed you with!

3. Greatest Asset- Faith:

We do not live by a blind faith. Oh no, we have EVERY reason to trust our Heavenly Father and His Word, so trust Him! Don't be stressed or worried. He will be there for you! Have faith in your Savior. He loves you very very very (x's infinity) much!

4. Most Powerful Force- Love:

You can quench conflicts, anger, frustration, disagreements, and so much more with Love. Love can heal and help you grow. It's all because of Love that we get to have a close and personal relationship with our Lord. Love Him and Love others. Love your enemies. It's powerful.

5. Greatest Weapon- Prayer:

YES IT IS! Before you worry or doubt. Before you make a decision. Before you act. Get on those knees and pray sister. We have a direct line to the Father's ears. Talk to Him. Let Him know that you want to spend time with Him, that you trust He is listening and will answer you one way or another. Prayer is key to your relationship with God. You've got to be communicating with Him to grow with Him.

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