Tuesday, March 13, 2012

fruit on the bottom

I LOVE fruit on the bottom yogurt. It tastes so much better to me than the already mixed kind. I love it. Today as I was eating some for breakfast, and being really excited that we had some, I said out loud "Fruit on the bottom, yum yum yum!" I have a toddler so don't judge me. lol. And then I started thinking about "Fruit on the bottom". It's what is the best part about that yogurt. I wouldn't eat it if it was just plain. I want the fruit!

Now turn it around on us. Where is our fruit?

Are we keeping the best parts at the bottom, where people have to dig and dig to find? Or are we living them out and people know we're Christ followers because they see our fruit? These things are what makes us set apart from the world. We have to practice them, make them habits, and master them. One of the ones that I am working on diligently is Gentleness. It doesn't come natural for me. I have to practice it, make it a habit, and God-willing, master it. I want it to become a part of me. So, let your fruit be visible ladies. It's the best stuff! 


  1. AWESOME. I love object lessons, and you're so good at finding them! By the way, I laughed at your toddlerese. Not cuz I think you're weird, but because I do the same thing :P